Supporting Living. Improving Lives.

Supporting Living.
Improving Lives.

Since 2005, DABS Supported Living Services have been helping people with intellectual disabilities and their families get a new lease on life.

Consumer-Focused from the Start

Reliable. Organized. Compassionate. DABS provides comprehensive life skills training programs to intellectually disabled adults across California… especially those experiencing placement challenges. Our entire management team has hands-on experience in the field, giving us a broad perspective of the system and allowing us to deliver the best solution for consumers ― one that puts their needs first and helps them thrive with dignity in a strong network of community support.

We Do the Right Thing, Always

At DABS, we’re proud of our reputation for taking the most intense and challenging situations head on. We’ve helped consumers who were refused residence after residence find a place live. We’ve worked with consumers that were refused services from every available agency. We’ve taught consumers deemed unable to behave appropriately how to manage their behavior in an adaptive manner. Our track record of 95% success over 13 years and constant positive feedback on our services proves our dedication to meeting the needs of the consumer no matter how difficult it may seem.

A history of making a difference

The founding story of DABS highlights the level of dedication to consumer care that remains our mission to this day. It all began with our very first consumer, who had a reputation for being an extremely difficult case. The first DABS employee worked with him around the clock, improving his quality of life so dramatically that his mother wrote to tell us that for the first time in her adult son’s life, she was able to sit down and enjoy an uninterrupted meal with him. Stories like these are why we do what we do!
George pretending to drive an Army Jeep
Michael, DABS consumer, at the Lyons Air Museum.

Your Team of Dedicated Experts

Educated, experienced, and above all, tireless advocates for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We are here for you.

Juve Vela, Psy.D.


Dr. Juve Vela has been working with individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and mental illness for 30 years. Dr. Vela is formally educated in mental health and applied behavior analysis. He is a noted expert in the field of community-based consultation of both behavior and systems theory, and he has been invited to lecture on behavior consultation locally, nationally and internationally.

Christine Ponce

Vice President, Human Resources

Christine Ponce has over 20 years of experience providing guidance and leadership to senior managers, including in her previous role as Assistant Vice President at a Fortune 500 company in the Bay Area. She is responsible for overseeing Human Resources at DABS, including recruiting, employee relations, benefits administration and organizational development.

Igor Goldburt


Igor Goldburt ensures that DABS is financially sound and strong by bringing 25 years of Accounting and Finance experience to the company. After obtaining his MBA from Golden Gate University, Igor further honed his financial during his decades working in high-powered architectural firms. Outside of his professional career, he enjoys spending with his family and his two daughters. With his genuine passion for client development, Igor is taking DABS to new heights with the financial insight necessary to guarantee that it is a leader in the Human Services field.

Eugene Wu

Information Technology Director

Eugene Wu is responsible for overseeing the technology and networking strategies of Understanding Behavior and DABS. With 11 years experience in cybersecurity, telecommunications, and database administration, he has worked aggressively to transform the core infrastructure of the companies and support the technical demands of delivering behavior services to clients.

Margaret Becerra

Regional Manager

Margaret Becerra joined DABS originally as a Personal Attendant. Through her dedication to the individuals DABS serves, she advanced to the position of Regional Manager for Orange County, where she is responsible for coordinating the Supported Living Services throughout the region.

Loralie P. Ocliazo

Regional Manager

Loralie P. Ocliazo is Regional Manager of DABS’ Supported Living Services and independent Living Services programs in the North Bay Region. She has a background in nursing and providing developmental disabilities services, including working directly with individuals in an Adult Residential Facility and in a Behavioral Adult Day Program.

Thomas Slatton

CITP Regional Program Manager

Tom Slatton is the CITP Program Manager at our Golden Gate Regional Center. He started as a Personal Attendant and has worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities and behavioral challenges for over 18 years, including as direct care staff in Supported Living Services.

Ousha Reed


Ousha Reed brings eighteen years of experience in the social services field having worked with a variety of populations in the areas of behavioral health and developmental disabilities. Her undergraduate education focused on Sociology, Business Administration, and Behavioral Sciences, and she is pursuing a graduate degree in Social Policy and Administration.

Katey Marquez


Katey Marquez brings a strong spirit of collaboration and teamwork to her role as Finance and Contracts Manager. Katey joined DABS Inc. in 2013, and her passion for working with individuals with developmental disabilities has grown over the years. Katey is the central “hub” of DABS, maintaining confidential documentation and reporting. Her training in CPR, First Aid, CPI, and certification in Medical Administration are beneficial in her many roles at DABS. Katey is happily married and has three daughters. 

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