Get the Support You Need To Get More Out of Life

Get the Support You Need
To Get More Out of Life

More independence, more life skills, more participation in the community, more fulfillment. Our community-based service and independent and supported living programs make it possible.

we put your needs first

  • Life skills training, support and more including SLS, ILS, CIPT and Behavioral Consultation
  • For individuals with intellectual disabilities 18 years of age and up, especially those with challenging needs, including individuals with a criminal background and/or mental health issues
  • Caring and dedicated staff who respect your right to live in dignity and make choices
  • Responsive to your questions and transparent with concerns so that you know exactly what’s happening
  • Supervised by staff and a management team with decades of experience in the field to assist you with life skills development
  • A bird’s eye view of the system of supports and how to make it best work for you
Start looking forward to a more fulfilling future. To speak with a DABS Service Coordinator about the right program for your needs, contact us today.
Christopher participates in Civil War reenactment.

DABS Participant services

Supported Living

Supported Living Services (SLS) consists of a broad range of services for adults with intellectual disabilities who choose to live in their own homes. SLS may include:

  • Assistance with selecting and moving into a home
  • Choosing personal attendants and housemates
  • Acquiring household furnishings
  • Common daily living skills activities and emergencies
  • Becoming a participating member in community life
  • Managing personal financial affairs

These services help individuals exercise meaningful choice and control in their daily lives, including where and with whom to live. SLS is designed to foster nurturing relationships and full membership in the community, while working toward long-range personal goals. Because these may be life-long concerns, SLS is offered for as long and as often as needed, with the flexibility required to meet a person’s changing needs over time, and without regard solely to the level of disability. DABS works with the participant to establish and maintain a safe, stable and independent life in their own home. This program can be provided up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

DABS with participant enjoying an NBA basketball game.

Independent Living

Our Independent Living Services (ILS) program provides support in developing a productive lifestyle. We provide assistance in making healthy choices, functional skills training, financial budgeting, time management and more, to help secure a self-sustaining, independent living situation in the community. This program includes up to 40 hours per month of skills training.

To learn more about ILS, contact us today.

Participant learning to serve at a restaurant.

Community Integration Training Programs

Our Community Integration Training Program (CITP) is a community-based skills training service for adults with intellectual disabilities, offered Monday through Friday for up to 6 hours per day. Skills training and development focus areas:
  • Developing and maintaining self-help and self-care skills
  • Developing the ability to interact with others, making one’s needs known and responding to instructions
  • Developing self-advocacy and employment skills
  • Developing community integration skills such as accessing community services
  • Behavior management to help improve behaviors
  • Developing social and recreational skills
To learn more about CITP, contact us today.
Participant working on his craft.

Common Questions

DABS offers supported and independent living services and community based skills training programs administered by caring, qualified staff. A DABS Service Coordinator will evaluate your unique needs and work with you to find the best combination of services.

DABS has extensive experience dealing with highly difficult situations and a proven track record of successful placements. We won’t let you down!

Family involvement is frequently essential to the success of the services. We take the lead of the consumer and the family to determine what level of communication and involvement we maintain. For those consumers and families who wish to be actively involved, we absolutely welcome it.

Develop. Achieve. Build. Support.

See for yourself how DABS programs put your needs first so you can get more out of life. Read real stories about DABS services in action:

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